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Campus Earth Day events aim to spark community action

Earth Day 2016

Weeklong series will conclude with Earth Day Fair on Friday, April 21.

Seattle Central is set to mark Earth Day with a weeklong series of events to inform and educate the community about environmental sustainability.

“The environment is at a critical point, and we need to do everything we can to raise awareness about the importance of conserving resources and living sustainably,” said Seattle Colleges District Sustainability Coordinator Adam Maurer.

Beginning Monday, April 17, Seattle Central will stage a series of movies, discussions and presentations, culminating in an Earth Day Fair on Friday, April 21, with organizations such as Washington Environmental Council, Student Conservation Association and more providing specific ways people can make changes in their lives to improve the environment. The fair will also feature Cascade Bicycle Club, which will present an introductory class describing the do’s and don’ts of bike commuting in Seattle and the importance of biking in reducing transportation emissions.


Monday, April 17:

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Friday, April 21:

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