Professional / Technical Programs

The U.S. economy depends upon a skilled workforce. Part of the mission of Seattle Central is to provide a skilled workforce for the workplace. The college provides workforce education programs which prepare students for careers that are in demand and sustainable.

The programs target careers which provide advancement, wage progression and benefits. The programs provide enduring general and specific skills which are transferable from one career to another. The college provides high skill, high demand programs that respond to current 21st century workforce needs.

Real–world, Hands–on Training

All programs offer real–world, hands–on training. For example, opticianry students operate the Campus Optical store; Seattle Culinary Academy students cook and serve at the college's two restaurants and pastry case; homes and boats are built in the Wood Technology programs; and industry internships are an important part of programs like Maritime, Biotechnology and Arts Management.

You can learn more about specific programs at regularly scheduled, free information sessions which are held throughout the quarter.

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