Seattle Culinary Academy

About Us

Since 1941, the Seattle Culinary Academy has prepared over 5,000 students for successful culinary careers using a world-wise approach to sustainability, heritage, and health. From our Culinary Arts program to our Specialty Desserts & Breads program, our innovative learning environment integrates organic approaches, natural whole food techniques, and ”hands on“ training that will take you on an exquisite journey from farm…to table…to fork…and back again.

The Seattle Culinary Academy is proud to be one of the first culinary schools in the nation to offer formal coursework in sustainability. Our talented, committed, and progressive faculty will help you become gatekeepers of the food system. Through seasonal menu exploration you will discover the value of naturally diverse and local food. Our expert faculty will keep you in the forefront of our industry and in turn you will learn how to make the world a healthier place for future generations.

We believe in protecting our future food supply through bio-diverse and earth-kind practices, we understand the importance of using fresh and nutritious ingredients that are rich in flavor and color, and we invest in the health of our community through local farm partnerships and seasonal sourcing.

Welcome to your culinary journey.

The Seattle Culinary Academy’s certificate programs are accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation’s Accrediting Commission.

“One afternoon as I was digging in the garden, a man stopped at the gate and told me how he had grown up farming potatoes in the highlands of Peru. His life had taken him away from there to other parts of the world and finally here to Seattle. Something about the garden had brought him in and made him feel comfortable enough to share something of his life with me. The PSL garden helps to root the program in the community and helps the community to be aware of the knowledge, delicious food, and talented chefs coming out of the SCA kitchens.” Tamara Guyton, 3rd Quarter Culinary Arts