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Support those affected by the Aurora Bridge bus accident

In the aftermath of the tragic bus accident on the Aurora Bridge last month that claimed the lives of five students, North Seattle College received an outpouring of support and questions from people about how...

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Weeklong activities to support transfer students

The College Transfer Center will host a week of activities from October 19 – 23  to support students seeking to transfer to four-year institutions. During Transfer Week, the College Transfer Center will offer a variety...

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Instructor empowers students with education

For Applied Behavioral Science (ABS) instructor Valerie Hunt, Ph.D. teaching is more than just helping her students absorb class content to advance their careers. It’s about empowering them to transform their perspective and create social...

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Advising office restructured to better address student needs

Seattle Central College has restructured its advising and support staff to better serve student needs. One of the biggest changes is that both College Transfer and Professional/Technical students can all access advising services through the...

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Streamline your commute with public transit

To help alleviate Seattle Central employees’ carbon footprint as well as their impact on traffic congestion, the Transportation Office is now offering employees the option to try commuting by public transit for free. Employees who...

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Nominate a special student for statewide award

The State Board of Community and Technical Colleges recognizes current and former students each year whose lives have been transformed by attending a Washington state community or technical college. Each college selects one awardee, and...

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