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College reorganizes instructional divisions to create efficiencies

Starting Winter Quarter, three new divisions will combine certain programs to help the college better serve students. Seattle Central is working to create new instructional divisions in an effort to better align its programs and...

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Winter Jazz Orchestra concert features Maggie Laird

The Seattle Central Jazz Orchestra will be performing with special guest Maggie Laird at the Broadway Performance Hall this Friday, December 16, at 7:30 p.m. under the direction of Lonnie Mardis. Laird, a Wisconsin native,...

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Give people with disabilities priority on elevators

In order to maintain a respectful campus environment, it is a best practice to allow people in wheelchairs to board campus elevators first. Recently, several students using wheelchairs have approached Disability Support Services about an...

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Longtime college employees set to retire

Two administrators who have worked for Seattle Central and the District for decades are ready to begin the next chapter of their lives. Two long-time employees who have dedicated their careers in part to improving...

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New certificate program aims to increase global competence

Student Leadership’s Global Engagement Team (GET) and International Education Programs have created a new program for students, faculty and staff to help increase their global understanding of cultures around the world. Student Leadership in collaboration...

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Campus continues 50th anniversary celebration

Two major events are scheduled for winter and spring quarters as part of Seattle Central’s year-long effort to honor its history while looking to the future. Seattle Central’s 50th anniversary celebration continues during the last...

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