The main doors to the lobby are being replaced in order to allow for a new ADA–accessible ramp to be built to the Atrium. This construction will last from Monday, Aug 1 – Monday, Aug 15. The lobby, and all of these departments, will be open during construction, but students will need to follow an alternate path in order to get there. This path will be marked.

Overview for New Applicants

Congratulations on deciding to continue your education. Seattle Central's Financial Aid Office is here to help you get the financial aid funding you need to ensure that you have access to the best education possible. Before you apply, familiarize yourself with the application process, and when you are ready to apply for financial aid, follow our simple 3–step process.

Before you begin the financial aid process:

Are you ready to apply?

Obtain your financial aid through our easy 3–step process:

  1. Apply for Admissions to Seattle Central College.
  2. Complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA (required).
  3. Respond to your "Required Actions" Letter.

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