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I have three completely separate cgiwraps..

  1. Normal cgiwrap for cgi
  2. php-cgiwrap - this is actually customized beyond just a link to cgiwrap called php-cgiwrap. This is because php can be in any dir, but cgi can only be in cgi-bin.
  3. php-deprecated-cgiwrap - Runs php-cgi (the php interpreter when php is called as a cgi) with non-standard php.ini.

normal cgiwrap

To make things easier, I have a script in the src dir called runConfigure.sh that applies all the ./configure args. I usually copy the normal cgiwrap to cgiwrap-normal, so it won't be whiped out when I create php-cgiwrap and php-deprecated-cgiwrap.


I have a different runConfigure script called runConfigure.php.sh that has a different cgidir arg to ./configure. I run "./runConfigure.php.sh && make", and then instead of running "make install", I install cgiwrap as php-cgiwrap by hand. This way, the normal cgiwrap is still there as 'cgiwrap'.


The runConfigure script for this one, runConfigure.deprecated.php.sh, calls '/usr/bin/php-cgi-dep' instead of '/usr/bin/php-cgi'. The file '/usr/bin/php-cgi-dep' is actually a three line script that calls '/usr/bin/php-cgi -c /etc/php.deprecated.ini $@'. After running "./runConfigure.deprecated.php.sh && make" I install the just-created cgiwrap as php-deprecated-cgiwrap.


Automates making each strain of cgiwrap. As long as I have all three runConfigure scripts, this makefile will generate and install the three variants correctly. Especially nice when I accidentally erase the original cgiwrap.

Updated Tue Jul 25 17:14:18 PDT 2006

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