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If you are an instructor or a staff member have questions or problems with any systems on campus please call NEED.

If you are a student with questions or problems with any system on campus, please go to the student lab in BE 3148 and talk to the people there. If they can't help you, they'll be able to contact the people who can.

If you use Zephir and you have problems with Zephir, please talk to your instructor. Your instructor knows how to contact me if she/he cannot resolve your problems.

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I hope to move this entire page to that wiki system...

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http://www.seattlecentral.edu Tests

SSI Testtest.shtml
Php-cgiwrap TestI am running as ""
Php MySQL Testmysql.php
PHP MSsql Test test_mssql.php
CGI Testcgi-bin/test.cgi
CGI-mysql Testcgi-bin/mysql.cgi

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