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“The students are friendly, the teachers are great; you’re like a kid in a candy store with all the tools here.” —Joe Driscoll


AAS Degree or Certificate of completion
Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree, 102 credits
Certificate of completion, 85 credits

Program Overview

  • Students may begin any quarter.
  • Carpentry may be a good fit for you if you are interested in the building trades, are detail-oriented, and enjoy hands-on work.
  • Areas of study include woodworking, concrete forms and floor systems, framing, finish work, and window / door settings, plus math and computer computation.
  • Carpentry jobs include work in construction, remodeling, maintenance, and repair.

Our four-quarter Carpentry program is designed to prepare students for employment as apprentice carpenters. The Carpentry program focuses on hands-on experience where students work on full size building and remodeling projects (with a crew) while learning the carpentry trade. Students get a solid grounding in the theory behind each task or technique. You’ll learn the basics of residential construction, from blueprint reading and site prep to roof vents and trim fitting. At the end of the four-quarter program you will have a good understanding of how and why structures work as well as finishing techniques that enhance visual appeal. Our Carpentry instructors are professional carpenters who emphasize the application of skills learned in class and how they relate to real world situations. Career opportunities for successful students range from home builders to remodeling projects to construction jobs to maintenance and repair work.