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“Looking at a finished project and knowing you were responsible for its creation is a such a tremendous feeling.” —Steven Holt

Cabinetmaking and Architectural Woodworking

AAS Degree or Certificate of completion
Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree, 120 credits
Certificate of completion, 103 credits

Program Overview

  • Open enrollment based on space availability.
  • Cabinetmaking may be a good fit for you if you are detail-oriented, appreciate quality craftsmanship, and enjoy working with wood and precision tools.
  • Areas of study include woodworking and cabinetry, furniture design and construction; plus math and computer computation.
  • Job titles include machine operator and tender, cabinetmaker, architectural woodworker, and furniture maker.

Our five-quarter Cabinetmaking and Architectural Woodworking Program is designed to prepare students for employment in the cabinetmaking, furniture construction, and fine woodworking profession(s). The course curriculum combines technical instruction with shop experience and precision training. All projects emphasize safety, attention to detail, and quality craftsmanship.

In this course, you will learn project layout, machining and milling, methods of construction, preparation for finish and finishing techniques. Student projects are structured to provide actual hands-on experience in the shop that mirror typical career experiences. Career opportunities for successful students range from residential and commercial built-in cabinetry to custom home and office furniture or one of many specialized areas of finer woodworking.