Seattle Culinary Academy

Culinary Arts

Six Quarters (certificate)

Seven Quarters (AAS degree)

The Culinary Arts program is a six quarter (certificate) or seven quarter (AAS degree) course of study. The curriculum builds on classical techniques by integrating the modern cooking styles and methods of a variety of international cuisines, as well as seasonal northwest cooking. As gatekeepers of the food system, focus is on sustainable principles and practices in order to teach our students about their impact on and responsibility for the environment and society. This education is enhanced by our campus green house and Skagit Valley farm curricula.

Students will learn to prepare appetizers, soups, sauces, salads, entrees, vegetables and starches, breads, pastries and desserts. They will also learn to identify and fabricate meat, poultry and fish. In addition to cooking and pastry techniques, the program covers sanitation, nutrition, management, purchasing, costing, menu development, as well as food and wine pairing.

As a final project, each student completes a “Chef of the Day”, where they plan the menu, develop and cost all recipes, order product, and finally prepare the meal. Students must demonstrate mastery of skills and knowledge attained over the previous quarters.

Seattle Central’s Culinary Arts program meets the needs of those new to food preparation as well as those who have industry experience and wish to develop a broader range of skills. Many of our students have a degree in another field and wish to make a career change.

The Seattle Culinary Academy’s certificate programs are accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation’s Accrediting Commission.

Career Opportunities

Culinary Arts is one of the fastest growing employment areas in the nation; positions are available throughout the United States. The demand for trained, qualified people is extremely high.

  • Catering Chef
  • Corporate Chef
  • Culinary Tours
  • Food Writer
  • Front of the House
  • Hospital Chef
  • Hotel Chef
  • Personal Chef
  • Photo/Food Stylist
  • Recipe Developer
  • Retail Food/Grocery