Seattle Culinary Academy

New Quarter Information

“Where do I go?”

Schedule: During the first week of the quarter classrooms may be changed to accommodate the additional lecture time. All students joining and returning to the program may find the attached schedule for the first day of the quarter helpful.

Fall Quarter: We have an all student orientation on the first day of fall quarter.

Winter & Spring Quarters: Please go directly to your first class listed on your registration. There you will be given instructions and additional information.

First Week Attire

Although you do not need to wear your uniforms on the first day, you will need them during the first week. Please be sure that you have ordered them by the deadline listed on the order form.

Food Handlers Permit

If you do not have a current food handlers permit you can take the class on-line at
If you have a current food handlers permit please bring a copy to the SCA office, room 2BE2120 by the first Friday of the quarter.

“One afternoon as I was digging in the garden, a man stopped at the gate and told me how he had grown up farming potatoes in the highlands of Peru. His life had taken him away from there to other parts of the world and finally here to Seattle. Something about the garden had brought him in and made him feel comfortable enough to share something of his life with me. The PSL garden helps to root the program in the community and helps the community to be aware of the knowledge, delicious food, and talented chefs coming out of the SCA kitchens.” Tamara Guyton, 3rd Quarter Culinary Arts