Seattle Culinary Academy

Learning from the Ground Up

Dig in and learn how the food on your table impacts our world. As one of the first culinary programs in the United States to offer a formal course on Sustainable Food Systems Practices (2005), our program explores how sustainability is redefining the way chefs interact with the environment. It introduces the politics of food systems and raises awareness on issues related to agriculture, fisheries, the dairy industry, meat and poultry production, water and waste, as well as trade, health, and social justice.

Our partnerships with the Harts at La Connor Flats and the Skagitonians to Preserve Farmland (SPF) give our summer quarter students a chance to travel to the Skagit Valley to farm an acre of land and learn all about sustainable farming including tending land, planting, and harvesting, and touring farms while developing farmer to chef connections. Each year students are awarded scholarships to attend Quillisascut Farm School to learn firsthand experience on where food comes from.