Seattle Culinary Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer tours?

Where are you located?

Do your graduates get placement?

What makes your Culinary Academy programs stand out from others in the area?

What type of funding is available for your program?

Can I take a tour of the facilities?

How do I attain an AAS degree in Culinary or Specialty Desserts & Breads?

What is the procedure for admission / How do I enroll?

Does Seattle Central have on-campus housing?

Do you offer part-time credit classes?

I have a bachelor’s degree. Do I really have to take the math placement test?

What if my Compass math placement score is not high enough for entry?

I’ve taken culinary arts or pastry courses at another college. Will the courses I took transfer?

I’m an international student. How do I enter one of your programs?

Will the courses in English and math that I’ve taken in my home country satisfy requirements?

Will the credits I take at the Culinary Academy transfer to a college / university?

Why is it important that the Culinary Academy certificate programs are accredited?