Personal Nutrition

Healthy fuel for you!

It’s about you! Have you ever wondered what foods are best for you? Does your body need supplements? What supplements to take, and if you take them is your body able to process them? Or are you just wasting your money? And the most important question – are you feeling the best you possibly can?

All of these questions and more can be answered by Nutritionist Carolyn Story, M.Ed., NTP

Step 1: Complete the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ).

  • What is the NAQ? The NAQ contains 321 specific questions related to every organ and system of your body. Results are analyzed and graphed to allow you to see which organs / systems are healthy and strong and which organs / systems are suffering and under stress. It’s a vital look at the status of your nutritional health.

Step 2: Initial consultation and review of NAQ – 50 minutes.

  • On your first visit I will review the results from your NAQ, discuss your health history, goals, and will present a muscle testing procedure (a neurological response) that will uncover the specific dietary changes and supplements needed in order to help you improve the health of every organ and system of your body. This step is customized for you and is especially exciting!

Step 3: Follow-up visits – 30 minutes.

  • On each visit we will monitor your progress and refine your program to keep you on track for optimal results for a lifetime of health and wellness.

Core Values

I believe in keeping it simple and fun, and I find great joy in working with people to create a more empowering life; emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I believe in building strong and healthy communities where people can joyfully come together to share and express themselves.

I believe in creating the best life experiences possible, showing and feeling gratitude to what surrounds us / what’s within us, and celebrating each step along the way for all it is. I’m excited to work with you and you can count on me to be attentive, kind, caring, and compassionate to support your highest goal.

Let’s get started today

  • Sign up for an Initial Consultation at the front desk of the MAC or call (206) 934 – 6315. Once your Initial Consultation is requested I will send you the NAQ for you to complete.
  • When I receive the results, you will be sent an email confirming the time and date of your initial consultation.

“Invest in yourself – you’re the most important investment you can make.”

PN Pricing

$50 - 1 hour
$200 - 5 hours ($40 each)
$375 - 10 hours ($37.50 each)
*after your 1 hour initial session you may use ½ hour session

Interested in scheduling a PN Initial consultation?

Please contact Julia at the MAC:

(206) 934-4152 or