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Ethnic Cuisines from France

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Course Outline

With this 8 classes program discover the 7 major ethnic cuisines that make French cuisine what it is today. The last class is our end of class dinner. Classes are 100% hands-on.Ethnic Cuisines from France

Aprons provided with the lab fee, as well as a signed cookbook for the first four people to register.

There is an ingredients fee to be paid on the first class but you will get to bring back home 7 delicious meals (main and dessert or appetizer), and the 8th class will end with a dinner with all the class participants (with a nice glass of wine, compliment of Paris Eastside for all the 21 years old + participants).

  • Class 1 – French Caribbean – Feroce – Pork Colombo
  • Class 2 – Black African – Yassa chicken – Cassava cakes
  • Class 3 – North African – Pastilla – Chicken tajine
  • Class 4 – Portuguese – Bacalao a Bras – Pastel de nata
  • Class 5 – Armenian – Beurreck – Menti
  • Class 6 – French Indian ocean – Rougail – Achards
  • Class 7 – Vietnamese – Nems – Coconut crème caramel
  • Class 8 – End of class dinner – menu to be decided collectively with the participants.
  • A tempting preview!

About Muriel-Marguerite Foucher

Muriel-Marguerite Foucher, owner of Paris Eastside, spent most of her life living in Paris where she owned and operated a successful cooking school for 10 years. As a little girl Muriel-Marguerite was inspired by her grandmother, who raised her and first introduced her to the joys of food and cooking.  She spent hours with her grandmother in the kitchen preparing meals and developing a passion for food that later grew into a career. After years teaching French cooking to English speaking tourists in Paris, Muriel-Marguerite moved to Bellevue, Washington where she now lives with her family. In June 2012 Foucher published her first cookbook, Easy French Microwave Recipes: Impress Your Friends with 30 Easy French Recipes and in December 2012 opened Paris Eastside a French lifestyle boutique located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

 About Paris Eastside

Paris Eastside is a French lifestyle boutique located at 816 East Pike Street in Seattle, Washington. Opened in 2012, Paris Eastside is part cooking school, part boutique, part specialty food shop, offering a curated collection of the most popular French products including clothing, jewelry, pantry items and cookware. Paris Eastside owner Muriel-Marguerite Foucher also hosts a series of French-inspired cooking classes and craft workshops for both children and adults.

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