Refunds + Disabilities

Refund Policy

Requests for refunds may be made by phone 206.934.5448, or in person room BE 1140. In the event the school cancels a class, a 100% refund will be given. The refund policy will be applied according to the date the request is received, as follows:

  • Prior to first class session: 100%, less $6 admin fee
  • Prior to second class session: 100%, less $15 admin fee
  • After second class session: No refund

Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities needing accomodation must call Disability Services at 206.934.4169 prior to the start of the quarter.


Students who have an AmeriCorps education award may be able to use it to pay for Continuing Education (non credit) classes.

Step 1 - Apply for admission to Seattle Central online: (click 'prospective students', then 'admissions' on left side), or in person in the Admissions Office in room BE1104

Step 2 - Register for Continuing Education class(es) online:, by phone 206.934.5448, or in person in the Continuing Education office in room BE1140.

Step 3 - Go to AmeriCorps  website:  to authorize payment to Seattle Central