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6615 FRENCH LEVEL 1 STEVENS M 140922 141124 0630P 0820P BE 4166
8240 PARALEGAL CERTIFICATE COURSE STAFF MWSa 140922 141101 0600P 0930P BE 3200
8249 3D GAMING CERTIFICATE STAFF MW 140922 141201 0630P 0930P BE 1139E
8265 LEVEL 1, AUTOCAD 2015 Moy C MW 140922 141015 0600P 0900P BE 1139D
8268 AUTOCAD 2015 CERTIFICATE Moy C MW 140922 141210 0600P 0900P BE 1139D

Class Review: French 1

Class: French 1 / Instructor: Peter Stevens

Q: How was the quality of service received in your interactions with the Community Education Program?


A: Wonderful! The best!
French class is my favorite time of the week: Great teacher, great
time and great location. I’d totally recommend this class to others.

Genevieve S.

Ethnic Cuisines from France

Course Outline

With this 8 classes program discover the 7 major ethnic cuisines that make French cuisine what it is today. The last class is our end of class dinner. Classes are 100% hands-on.Ethnic Cuisines from France

Aprons provided with the lab fee, as well as a signed cookbook for the first four people to register.

There is an ingredients fee to be paid on the first class but you will get to bring back home 7 delicious meals (main and dessert or appetizer), and the 8th class will end with a dinner with all the class participants (with a nice glass of wine, compliment of Paris Eastside for all the 21 years old + participants).

  • Class 1 – French Caribbean – Feroce – Pork Colombo
  • Class 2 – Black African – Yassa chicken – Cassava cakes
  • Class 3 – North African – Pastilla – Chicken tajine
  • Class 4 – Portuguese – Bacalao a Bras – Pastel de nata
  • Class 5 – Armenian – Beurreck – Menti
  • Class 6 – French Indian ocean – Rougail – Achards
  • Class 7 – Vietnamese – Nems – Coconut crème caramel
  • Class 8 – End of class dinner – menu to be decided collectively with the participants.
  • A tempting preview!

About Muriel-Marguerite Foucher

Muriel-Marguerite Foucher, owner of Paris Eastside, spent most of her life living in Paris where she owned and operated a successful cooking school for 10 years. As a little girl Muriel-Marguerite was inspired by her grandmother, who raised her and first introduced her to the joys of food and cooking.  She spent hours with her grandmother in the kitchen preparing meals and developing a passion for food that later grew into a career. After years teaching French cooking to English speaking tourists in Paris, Muriel-Marguerite moved to Bellevue, Washington where she now lives with her family. In June 2012 Foucher published her first cookbook, Easy French Microwave Recipes: Impress Your Friends with 30 Easy French Recipes and in December 2012 opened Paris Eastside a French lifestyle boutique located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

 About Paris Eastside

Paris Eastside is a French lifestyle boutique located at 816 East Pike Street in Seattle, Washington. Opened in 2012, Paris Eastside is part cooking school, part boutique, part specialty food shop, offering a curated collection of the most popular French products including clothing, jewelry, pantry items and cookware. Paris Eastside owner Muriel-Marguerite Foucher also hosts a series of French-inspired cooking classes and craft workshops for both children and adults.

For more information visit www.pariseastside.com.


Katie King

Class: Jazz Vocal Workshop

Who knows why we are drawn to certain things in our lives, but never the less we are and we end up at certain points, and this is my story of singing and teaching.
I had no choice but to sing.
Coming from an extremely musical family you find yourself on stage at 3 three years old and just think that it is the norm, everybody grows up like this right?
Well, that is what I used to think as a child anyway. Music has always been a safe haven for me something that I personalize and love, it is because of this that I love to pass on my knowledge from my musical life through teaching singing.
Studying the great American songbook singers of the passed is what I do, they communicate to me in a way that reaches the very soul of me.
I have sung Jazz/blues professionally for over 30 years, and I have taught for over 20 years. I teach voice and beginning piano, I have taught at SCC, Jazz Vocal Workshop, for the last 17 years, and have 6 CD’s recorded to date.

I believe the more people that sing in this world the better place we can make it – spread and share the love:)

Tsai-En Cheng-White

Class: Chinese Conversation Level 1

Back in 2000, Tsai-En had been a film and TV commercial producer for several years. One day, she had a chance to sub tsaiclasses for her friend who was teaching English and turn out that she loved teaching as much as being a producer. She then made a life shift and has been teaching ESL and Chinese as a second or foreign language for more than 10 years.

She believes that learning should be fun and meaningful. Therefore, she always doing her best on building student-centered classroom and use a variety of teaching strategies to help students to learn. She takes extra miles for her students because she believe there is always a better way to teach and to support her students. Therefore, she is not only teaching, but also attending professional classes and workshops to improve her own teaching. In addition, she enjoy giving back to the community, so she would volunteer to host culture event and classes at the library and she host webinar and goes around to present at different conferences to share her knowledge and experiences with other teachers.

She teaches students from 2 year old to more than 65 year old. She teaches Business Chinese, Mandarin, Chinese Business Etiquette,Chinese culture, and parent-child classes. The most unique program is her Raising Bilingual Children program, in which she works with parents directly and provide knowledge and practical advise on how to raise bilingual children with reduce risk of language delay.

Karl Frunz

Class: Assembling your Finances
From 1999 through 2008, Karl authored and taught money unnamedmanagement, consumer credit and tax filing workshops in Seattle and throughout Washington State for non-profit organizations such as Solid Ground, ECEAP, Bellingham Law Advocated, YMCA Transitions and the CENTS Program.

Karl designed Assembling Your Finances in 2009. The core objectives of the curriculum were to provide participants with a comprehensive content and a schedule that enabled practice / application of money management skills.

Pilot classes of Assembling Your Finances were presented through the Employee Wellness program at Group Health Cooperative and at several branches of the Sno-Isle Library System.

In 2010, the workshop was included in the Continuing Education programs at Seattle Central and South Seattle Community Colleges, Lake Washington Technical and Olympic Colleges.

Since 2011, Assembling Your Finances has been offered four times a year at Seattle central Community College and to private organizations through their Employee Wellness programs.

Website: assemblingyourfinances.com

Five weeks to change your life

PARALEGAL CERTIFICATE COURSE – Item: 8240paralegal-studies

Paralegal Staff -
Broadway Edison Bldg

Sessions: 24 M Tu W Th

Room: 3200, 1701 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122

7/14/2014 – 8/21/2014

Fee: $1,189.00

NOTE: The start and end date for this course have changed. The course now starts on 7/14 and ends on 8/21.

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Learn the facts and fundamentals of money management. Receive direction how to establish a clear, concise and comprehensive system for controlling every aspect of your personal finances. Make a commitment to take responsibility and control over your finances to achieve the goals you set. Includes workbook and weekly homework assignments.

Visit: http://www.assemblingyourfinances.com

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