Certificate Programs

Computer Game Design

Create your own worlds! Our courses in game design and animation can give you the skills used for entry into the fascinating gaming industry. Taught by professional game artists, you will be given the tools and knowledge used in this exciting and specialized field.


These four classes cover the fundamental skills needed to succeed in the dynamic world of the gaming industry. Taught by industry professionals, you will learn the required skills game artists should know, using 3D Studio Max, a cutting edge software program used in the gaming industry.

Gaming I: Introduction to Gaming and 3D Design and Art Creation

Learn the basic 3D Studio Max interface, learn modeling and texturing techniques allowing one to create anything from low to high polygon models for today’s high tech games. Learn various methods of modeling using 3D Studio Max’s highly advanced tool set. Attention will be focused on workflow and quality models to be used in common game engines.

Gaming II: Intermediate-Modeling and Texture Mapping

This course will show how 3D Studio Max and Photoshop are used to bring your models to life, using dazzling color and texture mapping techniques. Continuing from Game Design I, learn more complex techniques, create seamless textures and learn how to avoid streaking and blurring. Learn US mapping.

Gaming III: Putting it all Together

Using the techniques learned, begin to produce interesting objects, environments, and levels. Learn what elements are required to create immersive environments and scenarios used in new popular games and on-line games. Guest speakers in the industry are often presented.

Gaming IV: Final Project for Certificate

To complete the Gaming Certificate, a fourth class is required. It is an instructor aided independent study, and consists of an individual project. This will require six meetings with the instructor, outside work by the student, and will be evaluated by the instructor. Meetings with the instructor to be mutually arranged.


Meets Mondays & Wednesdays 6:30-9:30P

Gaming I: starts April 7 / Gaming II: starts May 15 / Gaming III: starts June 4


Seattle Central College Campus

Instructor: Staff