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Dreamweaver VS. WordPress?

Next week the two classes “Web Site Design with Hugh Miller” and “WordPress for Web Sites” get started at SCC. Both help you get a web site built but what’s the difference? We asked Hugh who teaches both classes.

CE: So these are two totally different ways to build a website?
HM: Exactly.
CE: Can you explain the basic difference?
HM: Sure, it’s a BIG difference, day and night. The Web Site Design with Hugh Miller class uses Adobe Dreamweaver to teach classic web site building from the ground up. It’s meant for beginners but it teaches professional work flows and best practices that save tons of time and make things easy. Hugh Miller
CE: Is there a lot of coding?
HM: No, very little. Everything we make in Dreamweaver BECOMES code, but the tools for writing HTML and CSS are so amazingly good that very little coding is needed. There are a lot of silly ideas about “code purity” mostly put out there by people who don’t want you to be able to do it yourself.
CE: OK, so then what is WordPress? How is it different?
HM: WordPress is like an easy to use off the shelf website kit with a control panel that almost anyone can deal with once they are shown how to use it. This is the more practical class to take if you are in a hurry to get a website built and maybe if you feel pretty challenged by the kind of material in the other class.
CE: Is there any reason to take both then?
HM: Well the Web Site Design with Hugh Miller class is a good education in the foundations of what is actually going into web pages and sites, inside them, making them work. You can go all through the WordPress class and know how to make a WordPress site without ever getting a very clear idea about the mechanics of the thing…or how to deal with them. So it’s a choice, they are very different paths but the design class can be a wonderful foundation of knowledge to have with you even if you are following the easier WordPress pathway. It’s really good to understand what’s going on down inside.

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