Achieving the Dream

Achieving the Dream

Achieving the Dream is a multiyear national initiative created to help more community college students succeed – complete courses, earn certificates and earn degrees. The initiative is built on the belief that broad institutional change, informed by student achievement data, is critical to achieve this result. Achieving the Dream is particularly concerned about students who have traditionally faced significant barriers to college success, including students of color and low income students.

There are over 102 institutions in 22 states participating the Achieving the Dream initiative. Achieving the Dreams asks colleges to focus on a student-centered vision, build a culture of evidence and promote the twin goals of equity and excellence.

Achieving the Dream at Seattle Central College

Seattle Central College is a third-round institution, joining the initiative in 2006. After receiving the initial investment grant, the college formed two teams, a Core Team and Data Team, which collected and reviewed institutional and student data. The two teams were subsequently combined into a single committee that has helped guide the implementation phase of the grant.

Please look our Initiatives page for further information regarding the Achieving the Dream initiative at Seattle Central.

Achieving the Dream is funded by Lumina Foundation for Education an collaborating foundations including Education Assistance Foundation, Heinz Endowments, Houston Endowment Inc., Knowledge Works Foundation, and Nellie Mae Education Foundation. College Spark Washington is our local funder.

For more information regarding the Achieving the Dream initiative at Seattle Central, please email Cherisa Yarkin at