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Syllabus Tune-up Kit
As you prepare for next quarter, this is a good time to review your syllabus content.
Here is a link to the SCCC Syllabus template as recommended by the Curriculum Review Committee.
Does your syllabus have: Does your syllabus need a tune-up?
Course Description Quality Check:  Compare your course description with that of the course outline, the district catalogue, and the college website. Are they comparable?  Ideally they are the same description.
Course Purpose and Objectives Quality Check:  broad statements of desired outcomes expressed in general terms.  Statements might include:
  • The most important knowledge and skills students gain by studying in your field.
  • The contributions of your course to that knowledge and skill base.
  • the qualities, capabilities, knowledge, and skills students may gain by studying with you.
  • How your course differs from the knowledge, skills, or values of other courses or disciplines.
  • How your course fits into the sequence of courses in your discipline.
  • How your course fits into the sequence of courses in your discipline.
  • The broader institutional goals or discipline-specific knowledge, skills, values your course may contribute to student success.
Learning Outcomes

Quality Check: specific statements of desired outcomes expressed in specific activities or behaviors.

  • The outcome describes a learning result rather than a teaching process.
  • The outcome describes what the student will be able to demonstrate.
  • The outcome is measurable or observable.
  • The outcome is specific.
  • The outcome addresses no more than a single result (uses no conjunctions).
  • The outcome uses action verbs that specify definite, observable behaviors.
  • The outcome is clear: faculty, students, administrators, and people outside the unit are able to understand it.
  • The outcome is clearly linked to the course objectives.
  • The outcome is reasonable, given the ability of the students.
Americans with Disabilities Act Statement Use this statement:  "If you need course adaptations or accommodation because of a disability, if you have emergency medical information to share with your instructor, or if you need special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated, please make an appointment with your instructor as soon as possible."