Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

TEAS is required for all applicants to Seattle Central's Nursing Program. Space is extremely limited and Seattle Central students have priority for reservations. Students not applying to Seattle Central will be placed on a standby list and given any remaining seats if they are available, although this is extremely unlikely.

TEAS at Seattle Central is a paper–and–pencil, 170–question multiple–choice assessment that evaluates four subject areas: Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English / Language Usage. It is given in a group setting on pre–scheduled days only.

Testing at Another Site

Candidates who cannot meet Seattle Central's limited testing schedule, or who find that no space is available, are encouraged to test at another site. Bellevue College also administers TEAS regularly and reservations can be made online. Green River Community College has offered TEAS on a case–by–case basis to individual students through their exam proctoring service.

If you arrange testing with a location that does not normally give the TEAS, you will need to contact Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI), the publishers of the TEAS, to arrange for a one–time exam. They can be reached at 1.800.667.7531.

How to Make a Reservation at Seattle Central

  1. Reservations for TEAS must be made in person in the Testing Office, room BE1106. Reservations will not be accepted by phone, email, fax, or mail, and no one may make a reservation for another person.
  2. You must have these five items to make a reservation:
    • Photo ID. (Driver's license, passport, student ID card)
    • Seattle Central Student ID Number. (waived for candidates to other programs testing on standby)
    • A TEAS paper–and–pencil ID Number. Go to www.atitesting.com and click on “create a new account.” (Do NOT click on “Register for the TEAS.”) Select “Seattle Central CC” as the institution, and fill in your Seattle Central student ID number. After the account is created, there will be a screen giving your paper-and-pencil ID number that you can print out and bring with you. Later, your scores will be posted to your account.
    • $60 fee. The Testing Office will help you arrange payment to the cashier. You must pay the fee and provide the receipt to the Testing Office before reserving your appointment.
    • A phone number or email address. You will be contacted if there are any unusual issues.
  3. Testing staff will help you select from the available test dates and make your reservation. You will also be given information about when and where to go to take the test on that date.

To Prepare for the TEAS

  • ATI Testing sells both a study manual and an online practice test, which are available in its online store.
  • There are also many other study guides offered by other companies; most can be purchased from booksellers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Test preparation publishers such as Kaplan, Barron’s, and The Princeton Review are considered reputable and reliable sources for study materials.

On Test Day

  • Do not be late for the test. Late–comers will not be admitted once the test has begun.
  • Bring Photo ID. No one will be admitted without ID.
  • It will not be necessary to bring any supplies with you to the test. They will be provided. Calculators are not permitted.
  • You should schedule four hours for this test. No one may leave until testing has ended, so please plan accordingly.

What is the TEAS like?

Seattle Central gives TEAS version 5.0. The TEAS is a 170–question, multiple–choice paper–and–pencil exam across four subject areas:

Subject Time / Questions
Reading: 58 minutes / 48 questions
Mathematics 51 minutes / 34 questions
Science 66 minutes / 54 questions
English / Language Usage 34 minutes / 34 questions

The entire testing process will take about 4 hours.

How do I get my results?

  • Results are usually available within one week and are posted to your online account at atitesting.com. You may print an unofficial copy.
  • Official results will be automatically provided to the Seattle Central Nursing Program. Those applying to other programs must order score transcripts ($26) from the online store.
  • You will receive percentile scores for each of the four subjects, plus an overall composite score.
  • An overall National Composite score at, or above, the 75th percentile is required for consideration for admission to Seattle Central's Nursing Program.
  • You may take the TEAS twice per calendar year for consideration for admission to Seattle Central's Nursing Program.
  • TEAS scores are valid for 18 months at Seattle Central. (This may be different at other colleges.)

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