Student Government & Advocacy

Empowering the student voice on campus.

Associated Student Council (ASC)

The Associated Student Council (ASC), the official student government of Seattle Central, represents student interests to the college administration. The ASC leads the organization of a broad range of student committees that address issues and concerns and promote services that enhance the student experience at Seattle Central. The ASC consists of 6 student executives chosen through a rigorous peer selection process each spring. An additional 6 Associate members are chosen in the fall to work on specific projects for the student body.

The ASC meets every Tuesday during Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters at 2 p.m., beginning the second week of each quarter. These meetings are open to the public and are held in the Student Leadership Conference Room, SAC 362 (above the college bookstore).

Watch for notices about the application process for the 2016-17 ASC and Student Board positions, beginning in March 2016!

Student Boards

  • The College Activities Board (CAB) is a team of students who develop and organize multicultural events and activities on campus that celebrate our community’s diversity, promote student involvement and foster collaboration among student organizations.
  • The Student Organizations Resource Council (SORC) supports Club Life at Seattle Central. SORC helps clubs access the information, resources and training available to them.
  • The Student Website and Publications (SWAP) Team produces the independent student newspaper, The Central Circuit, both online and in print. The Central Circuit serves as a voice for the collective body of Seattle Central students, striving to keep them informed and engaged with student life while serving as a platform for student expression.
  • The Tournaments and Games Team (TAG Team) organizes and facilitates recreational activities that promote student involvement, fair play and physical activity.
  • The Global Engagement Team (GET) works to maximize interaction between local and international student through activities and events.
  • The International Student Advisory Council (ISAC) is a team of international students responsible for representing international student interests to the International Education Programs (IEP) Office and Seattle Central at large.

For more details on Student Boards, see page 21–22 of the Student Handbook, or visit the Student Leadership Center above the Bookstore to get in touch with student representatives serving on these boards and to find out how you can get involved.


Student Leadership supports a diverse range of dynamic student–run committees, each addressing a specific need of the student body. Generally, student committees meet weekly throughout each quarter.

Additionally, Student Leadership recruits student representatives to serve on a variety of campus-wide committees where student voice is critical. Serving on campus committees is a great opportunity to work with faculty, staff and administrators to effect positive change on campus.

For more details and a list of these committees, see page 22–23 of the Student Handbook, or visit the Student Leadership Center above the Bookstore to apply for current openings.

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