Message from the Director

When you leave home and go to college some issues will naturally make you anxious. That is why I want to tell you about all the people and programs that go into creating a Seattle Central College Community of Safety.

Seattle Central College is located on Capitol Hill in Seattle and is relatively safe and secure, but no campus is free from crime, whether it is urban, suburban, or rural. Therefore, all the members of the Seattle Central College community should take reasonable precautions in protecting themselves and their personal property.

Our department's motto is: "Serving our Community Through Excellence," it represents our commitment to working with all members of our community to make the campus a safe and secure environment.

The Seattle Central College Public Safety Department has taken a proactive role in progressive campus policing. In its role as the campus public safety agency, the Department is responsible for protecting life and property, conducting crime awareness and prevention programs, enforcing Washington State laws and federal statutes as well as Seattle Central College rules and regulations.

College Public Safety Officers participate in intensive and on–going training in a variety of subjects including criminal law, civil law, public relations, race relations, interpersonal communications, crisis intervention, and all facets of protection of persons and property.

Seattle Central College will continue to pursue a number of initiatives to bolster its safety program, including:

  • Adopting a community policing and problem solving model and a public safety philosophy that fosters partnerships between the public safety office and members of Seattle Central College.
  • Implementing a comprehensive crime prevention program consisting of yearly presentations on crime prevention by urban designs.
  • Implementing numerous theft prevention programs to increase awareness of theft on campus.

Please remember that the Public Safety staff wants you to feel safe while attending or visiting Seattle Central College. We are available to assist with your security and safety needs. The Campus Public Safety Department can be reached at 206.934.5442.

M. Elman Mc Clain
Director, Security and Safety

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