Web Development Learning Outcomes

1. Develop project management skills related to web development, such as:

  • Gather data to identify customer requirements.
  • Define scope work.
  • Select programming languages and tools.
  • Evaluate web technologies and standards.
  • Define security measures.
  • Review technical considerations and constraints of projects.

2. Develop the ability to communicate effectively to a wide variety of audiences, verbally, in writing, and electronically by:

  • Documenting application/website changes.
  • Preparing and presenting functional and technical specifications.
  • Evaluating and recommending web hardware, software and third party solutions.
  • Providing quality customer service.

3. Demonstrate technical skills required of Web Developers through use of W3C standards, HTML, XHTML, and Style Sheets, develop databases and supporting code in .NET languages and Java, Client and Server-Side Scripting languages such as JavaScript, PERL and PHP, performing unit and integration testing.

AAS–T degree outcomes include those of the Web Development certificate as well as the following general course outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in various formats including written documentation, email, spoken word and address communication to an audience of differing knowledge and listening levels by utilizing appropriate terminology, schematics, electronic presentation and technical documentation; as taught in ENG 101 Composition and ENG 106 Technical Writing.
  2. Demonstrate computational and problem solving skills as applied to the computing industry; as exemplified in MAT 107 Math Applications or MAT 116 Math, A Practical Art.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of human relations and team work as applied to the work environment of information technology industry in America and around the world; as taught in HUM 105 Intercultural communications and BUS 140 Customer relations.

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