Web Development Program Overview

Web Development students share many core classes with students in the programming option. The Web Development option in Information Technology includes a 4–quarter certificate and 7–quarter AAS–T degree program. Prerequisites require an additional quarter for most students. The curriculum was designed with input from Puget Sound industry representatives to include the skills needed for successful employment.

Classes in the program provide expertise in current programming languages for application programming and client/server scripting, Unix, content management systems and working with live clients.

Associate Of Applied Science Transfer, (AAS–T) Degree, 95 Credits, Certificate, 67 Credits

  • Students can begin the program any quarter.
  • Web Development may be a good fit for you if you like to solve problems using logical thinking.
  • Areas of study include client and server scripting, programming, web design and databases.
  • Job titles include Webmaster, Web Developer, and Front End Developer.

Career Opportunities

Despite the recent economic downturn, the information technology field is still growing faster than any other section of the economy. A recent Department of Labor study indicates that 8 of the 9 fastest growing occupations between the years 2010–2020 will be in the area of Information Technology, adding an additional 65,000 jobs in the United States. A Washington State Employment Security Department paper confirms these job growth statistics for our state as well, with some computer jobs posting growth rates of 3–6 % per year and higher. There is a critical shortage of qualified IT professionals, and excellent opportunities exist with both large and small companies and in the public sector.

Graduates in the field of Web Development at Seattle Central will be prepared for a variety of careers including Web Developer, Web Programmer, Front End Developer, Web Architect, and Web Master. The 2013 Robert Half Salary guide lists a range of $62,000–$99,000 annual salary for Web Developers. Add an additional 4%–12% with expertise in various programming language and environments.

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