Learning Outcomes

By the end of the program, successful students will be able to: Communicate visually, verbally and in written form with a variety of client and/or companies in formats including:

  • Web design skills and presence
  • Technical materials and terminology
  • Professional business forms and procedures
  • Marketing research, strategies and promotion
  • Estimation and negotiation

Demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Survey history, careers, styles and trends in professional photography
  2. Operate all camera formats and techniques
  3. Execute a wide range of technical and creative lighting solutions
  4. Execute a wide range of darkroom techniques and processes
  5. Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of computers, software and digital imaging skills
  6. Develop and expand a personal creative voice with pre visualization conceptualization skills
  7. Develop pre-production shoot and planning methods
  8. Execute shoot production in both the studio and on location
  9. Demonstrate post production technical and creative solutions
  10. Develop a marketing plan, materials, and support process
  11. Develop a small business plan and organizational structure
  12. Produce the products required for graduation in the sixth quarter, attached in Appendix I

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