Mobile Product Development Program Curriculum

Certificate scope and sequence

First Quarter

Course Abbreviation Course Title Credits
BUS 118 Project Management Introduction and Overview 5

Overview of project management from a business perspective, including project estimation, feasibility, planning, risk management, contingency planning, scheduling and control. Apply project management principles to student project. Prereqs: BUS 169 and 236.

BUS 185 Small Business Management 5

Covers the skills necessary to start and successfully manage a small business, especially for entrepreneurs and those wanting to work for and/or improve an existing business. Includes business plan creation, marketing, copyrights/patents, prototyping, and cash flow.

ITC 115 Object Oriented Programming 5

Intro to object oriented programming, structures and concepts with Java. Intro to the C++ language Create objects and understand how they relate to classes. Develop C++ code for practical applications.

Second Quarter

Course Abbreviation Course Title Credits
BUS 150 Marketing Social Media Mobile Client 3

Check with division office or class schedule.

ECON& 201 Micro Economics 5

Covers resource allocation and income distribution with emphasis on p rice determination, production costs, and market structures. Application of economic reasoning to public issues and business.

ITC 162 Java 2 with Intro to Android 5

Covers advanced Object Programming concepts and their application in a mobile environment. Includes OOP inheritance, interfaces, when to refractor, and good design principles. Learn how to design for large projects and to work in teams. Create a simple mobile application.

WEB 202 User Centered Web Design 4

Overview and detailed look at how the user experience dictates the design, functionality, features and content of a website, and how to successfully achieve the client's business goals.

Third Quarter

Course Abbreviation Course Title Credits
BUS 160 New Product Development and Implementation 3

Check with division office or class schedule.

IT 298 Special Topics 4

Check with division office or class schedule.

ITC 285 Capstone Project 5

Produce a major project that responds to a client problem or request. Work in teams or carry out an individual project as an intern/extern. Select and work closely with industry mentors. Emphasis on research, accuracy, technology skills, timeliness, teamwork, quality, client/customer satisfaction and usability.

Total credits for certificate = 44

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