Apparel Design & Development Entrance Requirements

  • COMPASS test. (Eligibility for ENG 101 and MAT 084).
  • Before entering this program, students must show computer competency and demonstrate intermediate sewing skills:
    • Computer Competency can be shown by Completing MIC 101; or MIC 104W & MIC 104E; or BUS 170 or taking the SAM Challenge test. Please see the division office for more details on these options.
    • Intermediate sewing skills can be demonstrated by completing APPRL 100 (there are two preparatory courses for APPRL 100), or submitting a garment demonstrating specific skills. Garments are accepted during the fourth week of Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. See the division office for more information on classes or garment submissions.
  • Those with limited sewing skills or those wanting to update their skills are strongly encouraged to take the APPRL 096, APPRL 098 and APPRL 100 courses to develop intermediate sewing skills before entering the program. APPRL 100 (taken no more than two years prior to entry into the program) or equivalent skills are required to enroll in the program.
  • Entry into this program is in fall quarter only, however APPRL 096, APPRL 098 and APPRL 100 are offered throughout the year. Check quarterly class schedules for offerings of these courses.

How to Get Started

  • Complete the Standard Procedure for Admission to the College.
  • After completing the above test(s), students must take the results or copy of their college transcripts to the Workforce Information/Advising Office (BE1102) to determine eligibility to enter the program, and to complete a Pro–Tech admissions form.
  • Bring completed Prof/Tech admissions form to the Business, Information Technologies and Creative Arts Division office in room BE5166.
  • Please call 206.934.3830 for an appointment.

Contact Information

School of Apparel Design and Development
Business, Information Technologies & Creative Arts Division
Seattle Central College
1701 Broadway, Room BE5166
Seattle, WA 98122
206.934.3830 206.934.3830

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