Program Overview

The AAS–T Allied Health degree provides a pathway to a health industry–focused degree, which has relevance for students in health careers. This path enables students to access high demand health care careers with access to employment and wage progression or continue into an applied baccalaureate program.

The AAS–T Allied Health degree has three focus areas: Generalist, Dental Hygiene and Respiratory Care. Students studying to become dental hygienists or respiratory care practitioners will continue in those tracks to earn a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Allied Health.

Associate of Applied Science Transfer (A.A.S–T) Degree
90–118 Credits

AAS–T Allied Health Generalist is for Students:

  • Who have already earned an Allied Health professional/technical certificate and seek career advancement
  • With high levels of academic credit but no allied health skills (certificate)
  • Who are interested in Allied Health careers
  • Who seek to pursue a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in an Allied Health Sciences degree track

Career Opportunities

As the health care industry evolves,existing and emerging Allied Health professions are essential for access to quality health care in Washington State.

As our population ages, the demand for skilled health care workers is greater than ever. In fact, seven of the 20 fastest growing occupations are health care related, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Although doctors and nurses comprise 40 percent of all health care providers, the other 60 percent are allied health practitioners.

The AAS–T Allied Health degree in addition to a valuable allied health certificate is an effective combination where learners can attain career mobility skills by taking courses in management, education, and classic studies in humanities, math and science. This can lead to careers as clinical education specialists in their discipline, including management, medical sales and other options.

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