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David Sandler
Director of Communications

Emily Thurston
Communications Consultant

Earnest Phillips
Director of Communications, Seattle Colleges District

In the News

Puget Sound Business Journal / April 12, 2015
Dental Education Clinic to begin training students and serving patients in June

King County News / April 8, 2015
Maritime students assist help King County water taxis prepare for emergencies

Northwest Asian Weekly / March 24, 2015
College welcomes new Vice President of Student Services

The Seattle Times / March 23, 2015
Bigger trains to boost transit service to Capitol Hill

The Seattle Times / March 19, 2015
Capitol Hill light rail station opens near campus

The Capitol Hill Times / March 15, 2015
Opening day celebrations planned for Capitol Hill light rail opening

Seattle Weekly / March 12, 2015
Beacon Hill, home to Seattle Central Health Education Center, one of Seattle’s hottest neighborhoods

The Seattle Medium / March 10, 2015
Harden named new VP of Student Services

The Seattle Times / March 8, 2015
Seattle Vocational Institute supports Tiny House project

The Capitol Hill Times / March 8, 2015
Cuban embassy secretary visits Seattle Central

The Seattle Times / February 23, 2015
Top candidates announced in chancellor search

Crosscut / February 22, 2015
Aspiring Chemical Dependency student attests to struggle of adult homelessness

Seattle PI / February 18, 2015
Interim college president to participate in Seattle Public Schools education summit

The Seattle Times / February 18, 2015
Students tell stories at Seattle Asian American Film Festival

Tunisia Live / February 15, 2015
Instructor pens op-ed about future of Tunisia

The Capitol Hill Times / February 5, 2015
Creative Academy alums launch design studio in Capitol Hill

Seattle Times / February 5, 2015
Streetcar serves Seattle Central students, First Hill

The UW Daily/ January 29, 2015
Alum honored with prestigious scholarship for HIV advocacy work

The Seattle Times/ January 26, 2015
University Link light-rail service to connect campus with UW, Downtown beginning March 19/a>

The Seattle Times / January 22, 2015
First Hill Streetcar opens to provide greater access to campus

ASU Now / January 21, 2015
Alumna heralded for exploring science and social justice of mother’s milk

Maritime Reporter / January 20, 2015
Seattle Maritime Academy awarded Department of Labor grant to create apprenticeships

The Capitol Hill Times/ January 14, 2015
Transfer alum hosts first ‘coffee chat’ with city LGBT Commission

The West Seattle Herald / January 13, 2015
Culinary alumni launch restaurant on Alki

Seattle Weekly / January 12, 2015
Making the case for free community college in Washington

Campus Technology / January 11, 2015
Community colleges help build ‘green’ workforce

The Capitol Hill Times / January 5, 2015
Central District Tiny House Village nearing completion

The Seattle Times / December 17, 2015
Wood Technology students build ‘tiny houses’ for community’s homeless

KUOW / December 16, 2015
Seattle Stand Down connects veterans in need

Capitol Hill Seattle / December 16, 2015
Seattle Stand Down on campus helps homeless vets

Capitol Hill Seattle / November 24, 2015
Seattle Streetcar testing near campus

The Seattle Weekly / November 24, 2015
What It was like to have Seattle Central alum Bruce Lee as a houseguest

The Seattle Medium / November 18, 2015
Annual fundraiser to be held in honor of former student

The Seattle Medium / November 11, 2015
College president receives Urban League Edwin T. Pratt Award

The Capitol Hill Times / October 16, 2015
Capitol Hill food boom means better jobs for Seattle Culinary graduates

NPR/ October 15, 2015
Seattle Central alum comments on sexual assault in in science field

The Seattle Times / October 6, 2015
Seattle Culinary alumnus found a sweet path to success

The Seattle Times / October 1, 2015
College ensures campus safety by maintaining balance between security and openness

KUOW / September 25, 2015
Humanities instructor speaks on Seattle hip-hop culture

The Stranger / September 23, 2015
Innovations College offers unique opportunities for adult education

The L.A. Times / September 22, 2015
Seattle Central student learns Chinese cooking to prepare for college life

KING 5 / September 11, 2015
Math faculty re-thinking how to teach pre-college math

The Seattle Times / September 9, 2015
Seattle Culinary Academy alumnus and El Gaucho co-founder offers salmon tips

The Seattle Times / September 4, 2015
Pioneering colleges like Seattle Central rethink traditional math pathway

The Seattle Times / September 4, 2015
Seattle Central instructor attests to importance of alternative math pathway

Seattle Met / August 26, 2015
Inside Seattle Central College’s New Craft Distilling Institute

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog / August 14, 2015
Campaign to end veteran homelessness in King County kicks off on campus

Seattle Met / July 28, 2015
Shortage of Seattle cooks means better opportunities for Seattle Culinary Academy grads

The Capitol Hill Times/ July 24, 2015
12th Ave communal development involves Seattle Central sustainable agriculture students

The Seattle Times / July 22, 2015
Seattle Colleges Chancellor Wakefield editorial about the impact of free tuition on the American dream

Seattle Gay News / July 10, 2015
Instructor encourages change at Seattle rally in solidarity with Charleston Nine

Seattle Magazine / July 7, 2015
16 classes you had no idea you could take

The Enumclaw Courier Herald / July 7, 2015
Seattle Culinary Alumna appears on Food Network show Cake Wars

The Capitol Hill Times / July 1, 2015
Seattle Central hosts Pride weekend celebrations

The West Seattle Herald / June 30, 2015
Alumni and filmmaker launches clothing line

The Seattle Times / June 30, 2015
State legislators cut tuition for Washington community college students

The Seattle Times / June 29, 2015
UW vice president heads to Seattle Central College as interim president

Northwest Asian Weekly/ June 29, 2015
June and Henry Chen Endowment scholarship to benefit students

The Salina Journal/ June 26, 2015
Photography alumni debuts photo exhibition of gay rodeo

Seattle Magazine/ June 20, 2015
License to Distill: Seattle Central’s New Craft Distilling Institute

Vision Monday/ June 15, 2015
Opticianry Program art exhibition shows art of opticianry

Vision Monday/ June 15, 2015
Opticianry Program art exhibition shows art of opticianry

The Stranger SLOG / June 15, 2015
Somali student speaks on remittance crisis

Food Tank / June 5 2015
Seattle Culinary Academy makes national list for sustainable practices

The Seattle Globalist / June 5, 2015
Tsutakawa Fountain at Seattle Central gets its flow back

PBS Idea Lab / June 1, 2015
Seattle Central student contributes to Globalist’s diverse newsroom

The Seattle Times / May 27, 2015
Senator Murray visits campus to discuss college affordability

The Kent Reporter / May 14, 2015
Alumni raises relief funds in wake of Nepal earthquake

KING 5 / May 11, 2015
Nursing alumna returns home from disaster relief in Nepal

The Courier Herald / May 8, 2015
Nursing student example of successful early childhood intervention

KING 5 / May 6, 2015
University tuition costs driving students to community colleges

The Seattle Times / May 5, 2015
Seattle Central president thanks community for support during May Day

The Seattle Times / May 4, 2015
Seattle Central offers online classes and support to ensure student success

KOMO News / May 2, 2015
Community helps clean up campus in wake of May Day protests

King 5 News / May 1, 2015
Peaceful protesters protect campus from vandalism

The Federal Way Mirror / April 28, 2015
Nursing student Bryce Kasota example of county’s early childhood intervention success

The Seattle PI / April 22, 2015
Photos of Seattle Central’s first Climate Action Festival

The Stranger / April 22, 2015
At Seattle Central’s Earth Day Rally: Mayor Murray, the Yes Men, and the Greenpeace Six

The Capitol Hill Times/ April 16, 2015
Seattle Central Hosts Climate Action Festival For Earth Day

KPLU / April 8, 2015
Current student on track to succeed thanks to Seattle LEAD program

The Capitol Hill Times / March 31, 2015
College to conform with Seattle minimum wage law despite exception

KOMO News / March 26, 2015

Seattle Culinary instructor uses psychology to make food more satisfying

Northwest Asian Weekly / March 20, 2015

Seattle Colleges district receives acclaim for student and workplace diversity

The Stranger SLOG / March 19, 2015
Campus director of public safety to serve on mayor’s LGBTQ task force

The Capitol Hill Times / March 18, 2015
Dean of Applied Behavioral Sciences speaks at city council panel on early education

CBC Radio / March 13, 2015
Distinguished alumna explains her version of March Madness that pits mammals against eachother

KING 5 / March 12, 2015
Campus counselor stresses importance of suicide prevention

The Seattle Times / March 1, 2015
Seattle Central student meets with Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole

The Seattle Times / March 1, 2015
Seattle Streetcar coming to campus in summer 2015

The Daily Record / February 28, 2015
Graphic arts alumna releases new children’s book

The Capitol Hill Times / February 27, 2015
Seattle Central hosts Northwest Regional Science Olympiad

International Examiner / February 18, 2015
Distinguished alumnus and community leader Al Sugiyama steps down from post at Executive Development Institute

The Stranger / February 18, 2015
Instructor meets with police stakeholders to discuss incident

The South Seattle Emerald / February 9, 2015
Graphic design alumna and lifestyle blogger takes unique approach to quilting

Harvard Gazette / January 21, 2015
Harvard professor, Katie Hinde makes case for Seattle Central College

KUOW / January 16, 2015
Seattle Colleges Chancellor Wakefield reflects on what free community college could mean for Washington state

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog / January 12, 2015
Seattle Central could offer two free years of school under White House plan

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog / January 10, 2015
Scientist and Harvard professor to return to Seattle Central College

The Puget Sound Business Journal / January 2, 2014
Student reflects on shift in Capitol Hill culture

The Seattle Times / December 31, 2014
Former foster youth now enrolled at Seattle Central thanks to help from Treehouse

Edmonds Beacon / December 23, 2014
Grant for sustainable agriculture system granted to Seattle Central, Edmonds Community College partnership program

Pagliacci News Blog / December 16, 2014
Seattle Central students collaborate to support sustainable harvest

The Seattle Times / December 11, 2014
Student finds voice through counseling and paves path toward social work career at Seattle Central

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog / December 8, 2014
Seattle Central students examine soul of Capitol Hill in new installation in empty Broadway building

The Seattle Times/ December 4, 2014
Seattle Colleges at White House College Opportunity Summit

Seattle Post-Intelligencer/ December 2, 2014
Seattle Central: Educating GIs as a piece of Capitol Hill history

US News / November 26, 2014
Washington community colleges enroll more student veterans

Capitol Hill Times / November 19, 2014
Seattle Culinary Academy offers affordable food heaven

The Seattle Times / November 17, 2014
Seattle Central is popular destination for Washington’s international students

The Seattle Times / November 16, 2014
Alum reflects on community at Seattle Central in “How I Got Into College” series

The Seattle Medium / November 12, 2014
Fundraiser for scholarship in memory of former student this Saturday

The New York Times / November 6, 2014
Seattle Central alum and Harvard professor publishes new study

International Examiner / November 4, 2014
Governor appoints new trustee to Seattle Colleges board

The Seattle Times / October 24, 2014
Seattle Central faculty to conduct visual concert experience ‘Planets’

The Washington Post / October 22, 2014
Seattle Central faculty explains gender inequity in evangelical nonprofits

The Seattle Times Education Blog / October 20, 2014
Seattle Central to present at free college fair

The Stranger / October 13, 2014
Bicycle share station opens near Seattle Central campus

The Puget Sound Business Journal / October 8, 2014
Seattle Central alum announces new restaurant

US Department of State / October 6, 2014
Seattle Colleges to host Global Diaspora Week event

The Seattle Times / October 3, 2014
Former Seattle Central curator curates fine arts exhibit for Northwest African American Museum

KOMO / September 30, 2014
Seattle Central’s Egyptian Theatre reopens with screenings of hit films

Puget Sound Business Journal / September 30, 2014
Egyptian Theatre to reopen this weekend

Northwest Asian Weekly / September 25, 2014
Star Trek’s George Takei takes over Seattle Central

September, 23 2014 / KUOW
Housing Authority working with Seattle Central to assist public housing residents

September, 23 2014 / KING 5
Seattle Central employee discusses East African community in Capitol Hill

September 21, 2014 / The Seattle Times
Seattle Central hosts Japanese student fashion show

September 18, 2014 / The Capitol Hill Times
Mayor attends Capitol Hill ‘Find It, Fix It’ walk to address Seattle Central safety

August 20, 2014 / The Seattle Times
Apparel Design student makes newspaper cocktail dress for Seattle Times contest

August 13, 2014 / The Capitol Hill Times
SIFF to reopen Egyptian Theater in October

August 11, 2014 / Ballard News Tribune
Wood Tech alumni design custom work for new Pioneer Square bar

August 10, 2014 / NW Asian Weekly
Bruce Lee’s roots at Seattle Central

August 6, 2014 / Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Egyptian Theatre to re-open in the fall

July 28, 2014 / U.S. News
New majority students benefit from outcome-oriented data

July 20, 2014 / The Seattle Times
Goodwill offers fresh start to future culinary student

July 16, 2014 / Seattle Met
Seattle Central alum talks about performing with Macklemore and traveling to the moon

July 11, 2014 / KPLU
Gay blood drive held on campus to protest FDA ban

July 9, 2014 / Capitol Hill Seattle Blog
Seattle Central’s Capitol Hill Co-op preschool enters 62nd year

July 3, 2014 / The Seattle Times
Seattle Central student is award-winning artist and refugee from Eritrea

June 26, 2014 / The Seattle Times
Orphan from Central America writes about studying at Seattle Central

June 24, 2014 / Seattle Weekly
FareStart to join Seattle Central in Pacific Tower

June 18, 2014 / The Capitol Hill Times
Thousands of hill students graduate

June 16, 2014 / Capitol Hill Seattle Blog
Seattle Central marks 48th commencement with more than 1,100 degrees

June 10, 2014 / King 5
Psychology instructor provides expert commentary on school shootings epidemic

June 5, 2014 / The International Examiner
School of Apparel Design & Development presents their 2014 Fashion Portfolio Showcase

May 29, 2014 / The Stranger
Faculty call for citywide plan to help black community

May 27, 2014 / KUOW
Pacific Tower expected to fill with tenants, including Seattle Central

March 19, 2014 / The Capitol Hill Times
College gets new name

March 17, 2014 / Capitol Hill Seattle Blog
Seattle Central drops ‘Community’ from name

March 14, 2014 / The Seattle Times
The Seattle Times reports on college name change

December 14, 2013 / The Seattle Times
The Seattle Times tracks GED changes at Seattle Central

December 10, 2013 / The Issaquah Press
Seattle Central instructor to coordinate drug free grant program

December 2, 2013 / Crosscut
Research vessel awaits it’s fate at Seattle Maritime Academy

November 13, 2013 / Puget Sound Business Journal
Seattle Central’s health care programs will move to Beacon Hill landmark



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