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Campus completion coach helps students reach finish line

Campus resources are available to for students to complete their degree or certificate program.
With commencement just over a month away, students still have time to apply for graduation.
Seattle Central’s Completion Coach, Bo Leong, offers additional support to students who are close to finishing a degree, with the goal of helping them reach graduation. This includes:

Bo can also coach students through academic, financial and personal situations affecting their ability to reach their goals.

Students with questions about their academic progress toward graduating can stop by one of the mobile graduation stations in the first floor hallway:

The website has more information about applying for graduation and participating in commencement, and students can contact the Completion Coach.

Bo Leong, M.Ed.
Completion Coach, TRiO Student Support Services

The Completion Coach is part of a Project Finish Line grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Students have a variety of course placement options

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