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Light rail station brings change, opportunity to Capitol Hill

A message from Interim President Dr. Sheila Edwards Lange

Dear Friends:

Lange-Sheila-Edwards-33-finalThis Saturday, March 19, will be a momentous day for Capitol Hill and for Seattle Central College. That is when the new light rail station, located right next to our campus, is set to open. It is sure to usher in a period of incredible change and opportunity.

Why is this station so important? Fast and reliable transportation is vital to the success of our students. In just four minutes, they can get to the University of Washington, where many transfer to complete their bachelor’s degrees. In the other direction, the train will whisk them to downtown, also in four minutes, and to points south. Many of our students and employees live in the Rainier Valley, and they now have a quicker and more direct link to our campus. Every minute they save on their commute is time they can use to study, to work, to take care of their families, and to better their lives.

We also see tremendous opportunity in the hundreds, if not thousands, of additional people the light rail will deliver to our doorstep each day. We are working to put our best foot forward in order to welcome this influx of people to our campus. Our message, as always, is simple yet powerful:  we are here to help you get the knowledge, skills and training you need to prosper in life.

There will be challenges. The pace of development has increased the cost of living in Seattle, pushing a number of our students and employees further to the edge of the city and beyond. We are partnering with Capitol Hill businesses and organizations to develop thoughtful strategies that will keep this community vibrant, livable and diverse.

Sound Transit is holding a celebration this Saturday, and I hope you will join me in marking this special, historic occasion that is sure to benefit our community in so many ways.


Sheila Edwards Lange, Ph.D.
Interim President

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Shiloh Bradley, Network Design and Administration

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