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New light rail, street car provide transit options

Campus is celebrating the influx of new transit options that will help better connect our campus. Read more.

Capitol Hill is welcoming new transit service that is giving Seattle Central students, faculty and staff new and more convenient options to commute to and from campus. Last month, the First Hill Streetcar finished testing and started carrying passengers for the first time. The route begins in the International District and ends at the north end of Seattle Central’s campus.

Even more momentous is a new light rail station that is set to open later this month. The line, called the ULink, will connect Capitol Hill and the University of Washington to downtown and points south along the existing light rail line. The station is located at the northern end of campus.

To mark the station opening, scheduled for Saturday, March 19, Seattle Central will staff an information booth at a community-wide celebration. Seattle Central has also purchased advertising in the new station to reinforce the link between the college and the Capitol Hill neighborhood, and communicate the college’s value to new riders.

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