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New director joins Seattle Maritime Academy

SchererSarahSarah Scherer took the helm of Seattle Maritime Academy as its new director this month after a well-rounded career in the maritime industry. Her experience includes positions in navigation, research and management with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), as well as training, safety and operations positions with commercial maritime companies. Scherer has a bachelor’s degree in Marine Sciences from Texas A&M University at Galveston, and a Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science in Coaching and Consulting in Organizations from Bastyr University.

“I have several priorities that will help Seattle Maritime Academy fulfill its potential,” Scherer said. “I want to focus on providing students the best learning experience possible, and connect with industry partners to make sure our students leave with the skills employers want. I also want to raise the academy’s profile in the community.”

Scherer’s responsibilities include educational leadership and administrative management of the academy. She has experience helping non-traditional students earn GEDs and training adult mariners to stay current with industry regulations. This background will help her foster a conducive learning environment for adult learners. Another goal is to ensure students are prepared to meet the U.S. Coast Guard’s changing requirements for credentials to work in international waters. Two new grant-funded programs will support apprenticeships and introduce high school students to maritime career opportunities will also launch this year under Scherer’s leadership.

Growth at Seattle Maritime Academy expands opportunity to more students

Malin Lunsford, Marine Deck Technology student

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