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Apparel Design student introduces fabric recycling program


Thanks to the dedication of one student, the Apparel Design and Development program has started a new practice that will lessen its environmental impact. 

The Apparel Design and Development program recently took a step toward greater sustainability thanks to one second-year student’s initiative. When Kristy Holland began recycling unusable gear at her job at an outdoor gear repair shop, she saw the opportunity to bring the sustainable practice to the Apparel program.

“I hope that starting this practice at the college will inspire all of us to not only begin recycling fabric as we start jobs in the apparel industry, but to think more about how to integrate sustainability into our work and effect change in the industry as a whole.”

The program had previously recycled all paper used for creating designs and clothing templates, but in the fall, Holland approached her instructors with the idea to recycle unused fabric scraps that would normally be discarded. With the support of her instructors, Holland facilitated the installation of two Goodwill donation bins that collect scraps for Threadcycle, a local program that gives fabric a second life as products such as carpet padding, insulation, rugs and blankets.


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