Continuing Education
& Non–Credit Classes

The Seattle Maritime Academy provides continuing education opportunities training maritime professionals in boating, fisheries, marine affairs, marine engineering, marine safety, navigation and seamanship.

Our non–credit courses are offered in a variety of formats, including half–day lectures, one–day seminars, two or three–day workshops and quarterly programs. Their range covers vocational education, licensure preparation and public safety campaigns.

Students enrolled in the programs receive certificates for successfully completed courses. They may opt to take select courses for academic credit and/or sea–time credit.

The Seattle Maritime Academy provides training under contract to private sector companies, government agencies, military units and unions. Contact the Seattle Maritime Academy to learn how we can customize courses to meet your training needs.

Fishing Vessel Licensing

The Seattle Maritime Academy is offering a 3–module course designed for mariners to build the knowledge and skills required to qualify for a commercial fishing license. The modules will cover:

  • General Electrical and Refrigeration Systems
  • Marine Diesel Engines and Auxiliary Boilers
  • Safety–Emergency Equipment and Lifesaving Devices

The three 55–hour modules meet for two weeks, and allow you to complete the coursework while meeting employer commitments. You have the flexibility to begin with any module but must complete all three modules within a calendar year. You may take this United States Coast Guard–approved course in lieu of passing the U.S. Coast Guard exam licensing requirement.

To obtain a course schedule, learn more about the course or register for the course, please contact the Seattle Maritime Academy at 206.934.2647 or

General Marine Courses

Basic Electricity For Small Boats & Recreational Boaters – 7251 CSS 122 1A

MW 6:00–9:00 p.m.
An electrical class designed for the recreational boater and for the small boat owner. A class that will take the mystery out of how electrical systems work. Topics to be covered will include batteries, alternators, solar and wind generators and related charging systems.

Small A/C generator and power inverter systems will be investigated. Methods for determining load requirements, wire sizing and wiring techniques will be discussed. Electrical system troubleshooting, meter reading and hands–on training will be offered to the small boat owner or operation in a six week course. Course requires a minimum of 10 students.

Marine Diesel Engine Maintenance & Operation For Boaters – 7306 CSS 122 3D

TTh 6:00–8:00 p.m.
A course in marine diesel engines that includes theory, operation, troubleshooting and repair. The student will learn fundamental operating procedures for marine diesel engines. Instructional format combines classroom lectures with applied training in diesel engine labs. For the small boat owner. Course requires a minimum of 15 students.

Contact Information

Seattle Maritime Academy
Seattle Central College
4455 Shilshole Avenue NW
Seattle, WA. 98107
206.934.2647, 206.934.2821 (fax), 800.906.STCW (7829)

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