Seattle Maritime Academy: Boat Donation Program

The mission of the Seattle Maritime Academy boat donation program is to provide equipment, funds, and facilities which enhance and encourage student involvement and participation in the waterfront training and sailing programs including professional training.

Boats donated to the Academy may be used by our active waterfront programs or they may be sold to raise money for scholarships and other educational opportunities.

Seattle Maritime accepts donations of boats for several purposes, but in all cases any donated boat must undergo an inspection and survey by school staff.

The use of donated boats includes the following:

  • For immediate resale with the proceeds supporting Seattle Maritime School programs.
  • For resale after improvements and/or renovations have been accomplished.
  • For school program use (marine systems) in which case the boat must meet the educational needs of the marine systems program.

Contact Information

Seattle Maritime Academy
Seattle Central College
4455 Shilshole Avenue NW
Seattle, WA. 98107
206.934.2647, 206.934.2821 (fax), 800.906.STCW (7829)

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