Who Should We See?

IEP Office Front Desk

Student can get immediate assistance from the International Education Programs (IEP) Office front desk, without meeting with an advisor. All students should remember to bring picture ID when visiting the IEP Office. Front desk assistance includes the following:


Walk-In Hours

Students who have quick questions can meet with an advisor during walk-in hours. All students must have picture identification to meet with an advisor. Please visit the International Education Programs (IEP) Office for current walk-in schedules.


Primary Advisor

Students who need assistance with transfer advising, academic planning, or immigration issues, or who have questions that might take more than a few minutes to answer, can make an appointment to meet with their primary advisor by visiting or calling the International Education Programs (IEP) Office front desk.

Primary advisors are assigned to students when they first enroll at Seattle Central based on the spelling of their last name:

A + all Saudi students (including those sponsored by SACM)
Andrea Vederoff
B, V, Z + all other sponsored students*
Evan Aho
C, F, G, K Aidrien Wilkins
D, E, L, U
Angela MacDougall
H, I, P, X, Y
Marcus Mose
J, Q, R, S, T
Karolyn Wojtowicz
M, N, O, W
Alan Nguyen
General academic advising (walk-ins, academic plans, etc.)
Carrie Penner

* includes students sponsored by AFS-USA inc., GLS Sprachenzentrum Berlin, IREX - TCCSP, Kultur Life, Nuestros Peqenos Hermanos International, Papuan Human Resource Development Board, and SouthernCross.eu GmbH.