Visa Denial

If your F-1 visa application is denied, do not be discouraged. Many students may not get a visa after the first attempt: in some situations, it can take two or three tries before the consulate issues the visa. After a visa denial, we recommed you take these steps:

-Do not argue with the officer, but politely ask for a written explanation (they are required to do this, even though it might be a pre-prepared statement). Ask if the officer can tell you which documents or what information you will need if you apply again.

-If you have not already done so, read our Tips and Guidance for your visa interview.

-Review all the information you submitted. Make sure that all of your documents are clear and in order.

-If the information you received is not clear, talk to your agent (if an agent assisted you in applying for your visa), or contact an advisor at Seattle Central for assistance.

-Consider the information on the Department of State website