The International Education Programs Division offers the following opportunities to NEW international students. A new student is one who has applied for admission but who has not yet attended classes full time at Seattle Central.

The International Education Programs Division also offers other scholarships to its CURRENT international students. To apply for a scholarship as a current Seattle Central international student, please click here.

Scholarships are only given to students who enroll at Seattle Central College. The scholarships are merit-based; consideration is not given to financial need as all scholarship applicants must submit proof of full financial support before being considered.

Global Diversity with Excellence Tuition Waiver

The International Education Programs Division at Seattle Central is pleased to offer a tuition waiver to new Fall 2014 applicants from specific countries, to encourage greater diversity among its student body.

New F-1 or M-1 visa students applying to any of Seattle Central’s academic programs from Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany, Ghana, France, India, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Peru, Russia, Rwanda, Sweden, Tanzania, and Turkey will automatically receive a US$1,000 tuition waiver if they:

1/ apply to Seattle Central by August 15, 2014
2/ have transcripts showing a minimum 3.0 / B grade point average (or equivalent in the local grading scale) from the last 2 years of school
3/ enroll in Fall quarter 2014

The tuition waiver will be distributed throughout the first year / three quarters of attendance ($333 per quarter).

There is no application required. Just send your transcripts with your admission application and if you meet the criteria, you will automatically receive the waiver. Notification of your receipt of the waiver will be included in your acceptance packet.