Paying For Classes

Forms of payment

Seattle Central accepts the following forms of payment for tuition and fees:

1/ Credit card online

Students can pay for classes online using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover), after they have officially registered for classes. To make a payment by credit card online, visit our webpage and follow the instructions. Note that the cost of insurance is included when students pay online.

2/ In person at the Cashier's Office

In person tuition payments can be made at the Seattle Central Cashier’s Office, only after being officially registered for classes. The following forms of payment are accepted:

- Cash

- Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover)

- Debit card from a bank in the U.S.

- Traveler's checks

- Money order from a bank in the U.S. (must be written for the exact amount of charges)

- International Bank draft (must be written for the exact amount of charges)

- Personal check drawn from a bank in the U.S. (must be written for the exact amount of charges)

Wire Transfers

Seattle Central accepts tuition and fees deposits by wire transfer only for new students enrolling for their first quarter. As a current student, you should not wire funds directly to Seattle Central. Funds should be sent directly to your personal bank account, and you should pay directly to the college by one of the methods mentioned above.


Seattle Central does not provide invoices for tuition. A statement of tuition and fees due is available online, and is noted on the copy of your printed schedule. 

Refund Policies

- Seattle Central Institute of English

Withdrawal from class prior to the first day of class =100% refund
Withdrawal from class within first five calendar days = 80% refund
Withdrawal from class within sixth - fourteenth calendar days = 50% refund
Withdrawal from class after fourteenth calendar day = 0 (no refund)

- All College Programs

Withdrawal from classes due to cancellation by the college = 100% refund
Withdraw from classes through the 1st week of the quarter = 100% refund (minus $5 fee) 
Withdraw from classes within eighth - twentieth calendar days = 50% refund
Withdraw from classes after the twentieth calendar day (instructor permission required) = 0 (no refund) 

 - Medical Insurance

The medical insurance premium is 100% refundable if classes are dropped before the first day of the quarter. As of the first day of the quarter, the premium is non-refundable.