Medical Insurance

The cost of medical care in the United States is very high. For this reason, international students enrolled at Seattle Central are required to purchase the Seattle College District insurance policy which is offered through the Lewer Agency and includes specific benefits to international students. As explained in the video below, the insurance policy will help students cover the cost of medical issues that might arise during their stay and studies in the United States.

Students must also be certain to have insurance coverage during vacation quarters. Don't forget to buy it!

Following are the primary policy benefits:

    - Unlimited medical benefits per accident or sickness
    - Annual maximum (consecutive 12 months): unlimited
    - Repatriation of remains coverage of at least US$25,000
    - Medical evacuation coverage of at least US$50,000
    - All benefits payable in the United States

The cost of the Seattle College District policy is $242.10 per quarter, and is charged automatically to international students on F-1 and M-1 visa at the time of registration.

The medical insurance premium is 100% refundable if classes are dropped before the first day of the quarter. As of the first day of the quarter, the premium is non-refundable. Students who may file a claim prior to the start of the term should take care, as refunding the premium will affect their insurance coverage.

The following students are exempted from this requirement:

    - International students attending Seattle Central on visas other than F-1 or M-1
    - F-1 students taking classes at Seattle Central while on an I-20 form from another US institution
    - Government-sponsored students already provided with insurance from the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, the Embassy of Kuwait, Embassy of Oman, or Embassy of the UAE.


SCD Insurance Policy

The following table explains basic coverage information for the insurance policy offered by the Seattle College District.

The college insurance policy usually pays for:


The college insurance policy does not pay for:


Coverage for Spouses and Dependents

F-1 Students have the option of covering their spouses or other dependents on F2 visas. The cost of covering spouses and dependents is below: 

Coverage for student and spouse
$782.01 per quarter
Coverage for each dependent other than spouse
$238.20 per quarter

Students who would like to add a spouse or dependent on the school’s policy should contact the International Education Programs (IEP) Office for assistance. 


How long will I be covered?

When you buy Seattle central's insurance policy, you are covered from the first day of the quarter until the day before the next quarter begins. If you finish your program and are going home, then you are covered for 30 days after you complete your program. Since your I-20 gives you 60 days to go home you can purchase an additional 30 days of insurance. See our office for details. You are not covered during your vacation quarter unless you buy insurance for that quarter. You are not covered if you leave the United States.


How will I be able to find a doctor?

The college insurance, and many other insurance companies, will pay more of the bill if you go see a "network" or "preferred" doctor. If you go to a network doctor they recommend, you will save money. Students may follow the directions below to find a doctor in the network:

1. Go to
2. From the left side menu, click on the link “Find a Doctor or Pharmacy”.
3. Click on the link under GWH‐CIGNA Provider. This will take you to the CIGNA Provider website.
4. Perform your search by selecting one of the options:
     a) Search by name: this refers to doctor’s name ~ e.g. Dr. John Smith
     b) Search by specialty: this refers to the type of doctor you need for your condition ~ e.g. cardiology, general practice, etc.
     c) Search by medical condition: e.g. migraine, diabetes, etc.
5. Select “PPO” on number 1. Select a network. Complete the rest of the required information [#2-6] and select search for the providers in your area. 
6. You can save or print out the list according to your need.

With your insurance from the school, you will receive an insurance card from the Lewer Agency. Your insurance card should have your name in English and your student ID number on it. Always carry your insurance card in your wallet. When your doctor asks for your insurance information, you can provide this card.

For more information, please visit the Lewer Agency website.