Intensive Summer Sessions

Get a JUMP on your college degree with Seattle Central's 2015 Intensive Summer Sessions!

In just one quarter, students can:
√ Complete coursework to finish a transfer degree FASTER 
√ Earn up to 20 college credits in high demand courses 
√ Get a head start on "sequences" of courses in Accounting, Biology, English and more

How Intensive Summer Sessions work

The eight–week summer quarter will be split into two four–week sessions:
TERM A - June 29 to July 24
TERM B - July 27 to August 21

This allows students to complete in just one quarter certain courses that need to be taken in sequence, which would ordinarily take two quarters.

Intensive Summer Sessions 2015 Courses

Classes will meet for 3 hours and 25 minutes Monday through Thursday. Science and Mathematics classes may also meet on Fridays or Saturdays. All courses listed below satisfy transfer degree requirements. 

Students are encouraged to choose two classes* for each term:

  • Term A
  • June 29 - July 24 (4 weeks)
  • Term B
  • July 27 - August 21 (4 weeks)
  • Accounting 201
  • Computer Science 110
  • Humanities 105
  • English 101
  • Mathematics 141
  • Mathematics 142
  • Mathematics 146
  • Biology 241
  • Spanish 121
  • Accounting 202
  • Computer Science 110
  • Communication 220
  • Music 116
  • Mathematics 141
  • Mathematics 142
  • Mathematics 146
  • Biology 242
  • Spanish 122

* Some courses require a placement test and/or pre–requisites. See the online course catalog for specifics.

How can current international students enroll?

Students should make sure they have met the necessary pre-requisites (English and Math eligibility, or other pre-requisites), then simply register for Intensive Summer Sessions classes when Summer quarter registration opens on May 19, 2015.

Full-time requirements for the Intensive Summer Sessions can be found on the immigration pages of our site.

Special early registration for students living in the Studios on Broadway
A limited number of spaces in Intensive Summer Sessions classes have been reserved for students living in Seattle Central's on-campus apartments in Summer 2015. Studio residents can visit the IEP Office beginning May 5, 2015 to reserve a spot in these classes.