Seattle Central has many convenient housing options for international students. As you look at your many choices, remember that Seattle Central is located downtown, so you will never need to own a car or live far away from campus.

Be sure to plan ahead! The sooner you make your housing plans, the more options you will have. We recommend that you arrange your housing ten weeks before you arrive in Seattle.

Housing for Underage Students

Seattle Central provides resources for students to assist them in arranging housing, but it does not make housing arrangements for applicants, nor does it monitor individual living arrangements for students. It is recommended that you make housing arrangements for your child as early as possible, no later than 6 weeks before the first day of the quarter for which your child plans to enroll.  

It is strongly recommended that students who are 16 or 17 live with a host family. Students who are under the age of 18 are generally not allowed to sign a lease for an apartment in the State of Washington, so underage students are not able to rent an apartment on their own. The safety of a family environment will provide structure and support to students as they get used to life in Seattle. Although host families do not act as legal guardians, host family agencies ask underage students and their parents to sign a form allowing host parents to make medical decisions in the event of an emergency. Students and their parents must also sign a behavioral agreement. If you would like more information on this requirement, please contact our homestay agencies directly.

Students who are 17 or older do have the option of staying at Seattle Central’s on-campus apartments, the Studios on Broadway. Since most students living in The Studios are 18 or older, 17 year-old students should be independent, mature and responsible enough to live on their own.

Recommendations to parents of underage students:

- Get to know the host family with whom your child is living.  Make sure you have contact information (email, phone) so you can be in touch with them about your child.
- Keep the contact information for the host family agency on hand so you can communicate with them should there be any problem with your child’s living situation.
- Help your child understand the importance of staying with the host family until your child has turned 18.