Graduation Requirements

The State of Washington has set additional requirements that students must meet before earning a high school diploma. Fast Track students must complete all the following requirements by the end of their final quarter in the Fast Track program in order to receive their high school diploma:

1/ Complete both Pacific Northwest History (HIST&214) and U.S. History (HIST&146; students taking U.S. History during Summer quarter should take HIST&136 instead). Students will complete these classes as part of their regular 90 credits Associate’s degree curriculum.

2/ Complete a High School and Beyond Plan (long-range career plan) with Seattle Central's Career Advising Center.

3/ Take one of the following standardized tests and meet the minimum scores required:  

4/ Meet the Science requirement by either:

This Science requirement is effective for students graduating in Spring 2015 and beyond.

Advisors recommend that students take science classes at Seattle Central (i.e., Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Environmental Science) before sitting for the AP or ACT exam.

For more information about registering for standardized tests, visit our dedicated page.
For more information about preparing for standardized tests, please click here.

Please note that students who will be 21 years old at the time they earn their Associate degree will not need to complete these special requirements to earn a high school diploma. Students who are 21 can be awarded the high school diploma once they complete the Associate degree requirements.