Graduation Requirements

The State of Washington requires High School Completion students to satisfy all the following by the end of their final quarter in the program in order to receive their high school diploma:

1/ Complete a High School and Beyond Plan with the Career Services Center (BE 1102E1)

2/ Meet all requirements for a transfer degree (Associate of Arts, Science, or Business)

3/ Complete Pacific Northwest History (HIST&214) and U.S. History (HIST&136, 146, or 105) Students will complete these classes as part of their 90 credits Associate’s degree curriculum.

4/ Meet the required Reading, Writing, Math, and Science scores on a standardized test 

Accepted Tests and Scores

ACT Plus Writing
Reading: 13
Writing: 15
Math: 16
Science: 16

Reading: New scores under review. Please use alternate exam.
Writing: New scores under review. Please use alternate exam.
Math: New scores under review. Please use alternate exam.
Science: Not available as part of SAT.

AP Subject Test
Reading: Not available in AP subject tests.
Writing: 3 (AP Psychology, Macro/Microeconomics, U.S. History, World History, U.S. Government and Politics, or Comparative Government and Politics)
Math: 3 (AP Calculus or Statistics)
Science: 3 (AP Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Environmental Science)


We recommend students take science classes at Seattle Central (i.e., Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Environmental Science) to prepare for an ACT Plus Writing or AP Subject Test exam.

For more information about registering for standardized tests, visit our dedicated page.
For more information about preparing for standardized tests, please click here.

Students who will be at least 21 years old at the time they earn their associate transfer degree can be awarded the high school diploma once they complete the associate transfer degree requirements. They do not need to complete the other requirements noted above.