Current Activities

Student activities sponsored by the Global Engagement Team (GET)

Join our Global Engagement Team and other international students to spend a wonderful time together, make more friends, share experiences, or just hang around and have a fun time!

The Global Engagement Team (GET) plans lots of activities every quarter. To know about the activities scheduled for this quarter, stop by the GET Office, call (206) 934-3109, or email

If you want to join an activity, be sure to sign up at the GET Office in Room 205H, MAC building (behind the game room)! Signing up begins at least two weeks before each activity. When you come to sign up, we will give you a handout with more information such as where to meet, start / end times, and cost of the activity.

Activities sponsored by the Mitchell Activity Center

Find out what special events will be taking place in the Mitchell Activity Center this quarter.

Java Wednesdays (sponsored by the Student Leadership Office)

See a movie and enjoy free coffee and bagels! Discussion after the movie.

English Conversation Group

Thursdays, 11:00am - 11:50am. Free!
For those of you who would like to expand their vocabulary, make new friends, and practice speaking English, this is a great opportunity. Everyone is welcome and you can just show up for the meeting and participate. For more information, please contact Dan at 206-660-5541 or

Coffee Talk -English Conversation with Dinner

Every Friday from 5:00 to 6:30 pm at Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church, 1729 Harvard Avenue (behind SCCC). Come join us for conversation and dinner – a good way to start your weekend and speak English with native speakers. We are looking forward to meeting you!! For more information, please contact Gini Schmidt, or visit

Conversation Partner Program (Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters)

A great opportunity to get an excellent language exchange with American volunteers, Conversation Partners is a free program available to all Seattle Central students, including those enrolled in the Seattle Central Institute of English (SCIE). The Conversation Partner Program matches international students with other students on campus or community volunteers for informal language and cultural exchanges. Conversation partners usually meet about two hours a week for one quarter. Partners are matched by the Global Engagement Team (GET). The staff is available for questions and guidance for the Conversation Partners. The Global Engagement Team (GET) gives the students and volunteers brief cultural awareness training and material useful in encouraging dialogue.