Infinitive with Too and Enough                    Name: _______________________
                                                                        Date: _______________________

Exercise 1
Directions:  Put the words in the correct order to make sentences about a new job.

  1. near/for me/it's/to walk to work/enough
  2. too/it's/noisy/for me/to concentrate
  3. varied/to be interesting/the work/enough/is
  4. for me/the salary/enough/to support my family/is/high
  5. to hold/my desk/small/is/too/all my things
  6. late/I/sleep/enough/can/to feel awake in the morning
  7. for me/my boss/quickly/to understand him/speaks/too
  8. aren't/low/the bookshelves/to reach/for me/enough

    Now look at the sentences you wrote.  Put a plus (+) next to all the positive points.  Put a minus (-) next to all the negative points.

Exercise 2
Directions:  Complete these conversations that take place at the workplace. Use too or enough in your sentences.

  1. A:  Can you read the boss's handwriting?
    B:  No. It's ____________________________________________________
  2. A:  It's 11:00 a.m.  Do you think we can call Mr. Lin in San Francisco?
    B:  Sure.  It's 8:00 a.m. there. That's _________________________________
  3. A:  Could you help me with those boxes?
    B:  Sorry.  They're ___________________________________________.
            I have a bad back.
  4. A:  You're not drinking your coffee!  What's the matter with it?
    B:  It's __________________________________.  It tastes like someone
            put about four tablespoons of sugar in it.
  5. A:  Do you think we can put the fax machine on that shelf?
    B:  Sure.  It's __________________________________________________
  6. A:  Can you keep the noise down, please?  It's ___________________________
    B:  Sorry, We'll try to be quieter.
  7. A:  Did you hear that Alex is retiring?
    B:  You're kidding! He's not even fifty.  He's _____________________________
  8. A:  Can you turn on the air conditioner, please?
    B:  The air conditioner!  It's ___________________________________
            the air conditioner.  What are you going to do in August when it really get hot?
  9. A:  You sound really sick.  Maybe you should call the doctor.
    B:  Oh. I'm _______________________the doctor.  I just need to get some rest.
  10. A:  Can you help me get that box?  It's __________________________________
    B:  Sure.

Exercise 3
  Read this letter home from a boy in Boy Scout camp.  Find and correct seven mistakes in the use of the infinitive with too and enough.  

Dear Mom and Dad,

    I'm almost to tired to write.  I can't believe how hard Boy Scout camp is.  Today we went out on a two-hour hike.  It was over 90 degrees in the shade!  It was too hot for to think. We had to take a lot of stuff with us, too.  My backpack was too heavy for me to lift it.  I don't think I'm too strong to complete the program.   How did I get into this mess?  Is it too late too get out?

    Please write.

P.S.  The food is terrible.  It's not enough food to eat.  Can you send some candy bars?
P.P.S. Here's a photo of me in case it's been to long for you to remember what I look like!

Exercise 4
  Complete these sentences about your home or classroom.

1.  It's too _________________________________________________________

2.  It's __________________________________enough _____________________

3.  It isn't too ________________________________________________________

4.  It isn't ____________________________ enough _________________________