Gerunds after Prepositions                                                    Name: ____________________

Exercise 1
  Complete the chart with the correct preposition.  You will use some prepositions more than once.

about for in of on to
  1. look forward ___________________
  2. be tired  _______________________
  3. be used _______________________
  4. insist _________________________
  5. believe _______________________
  6. apologize _____________________
  7. approve ______________________
  8. succeed ______________________
  9. be worried ____________________
  10. be opposed ___________________

Exercise 2
Read the following conversations that take place a student council meeting.  Complete the summary sentences.  Use the expressions in Exercise 1 and the gerund form of the verbs in parentheses ( ).


  1. Kyle:  Where were you?  It's 7:30.  Our meeting started at 7:00.
    John:  I know.  I'm sorry.
    John   apologized for coming   late.
  2. Matt:  I have some good news.  We've reached our goal.  Since our last meeting, we've collected more than 100 student signatures in favor of going on strike.

    The students ______________________________ more than 100 signatures.
  3. Amy:  I'm not sure it's a good idea to strike.
    John:  Final exams are in a few weeks.  It'll be a problem if we miss classes.

    John __________________________________________ classes.
  4. Amy:  I don't know.  We've always solved our problems with the administration before.
    John:  That's true.  In the past they've always listened to us.

    These students __________________________________ together with the administration.
  5. Amy:  I'm against striking.  We should talk to the administration again.
    John:  I agree.  That's the best way to solve this problem.
    Amy and John ______________________________ to the administration again.
  6. Matt:  We keep asking the administration for a response.  They've said nothing.
    Eva:  That's right.  We've had enough.  We don't want to wait any more.

    These students _________________________________________ for an answer.
  7. John:  Can we give this decision a little more time?
    Matt:  No, I'm sorry. We really have to reach a decision today.

    Matt _____________________________ a decision immediately.
  8. Matt:  Let's take a vote.  All those in favor of going on strike raise your hand....OK.  That's 10 for and 2 against.  We'll recommend a strike to the student body.

    The student council _________________________________ a strike.
  9. Eva:  Only two people voted no.

    Only two council members ______________________________ on strike.
  10. Amy:  I don't know about you, but I'll be glad when all this is over.
    John:  I know what you mean.  I'll be happy when things return to normal.

    Amy and John are _________________________________ to their normal activities.

Exercise 3
Complete this editorial in the student newspaper.  Use the gerund form of the appropriate verbs from the box.

be get hear miss strike
fire go make permit try


     Yesterday the student council voted 10 to 2 in favor of 1) ___________________ on strike.  By 2)_______________________, they hope to reverse the administrations' decision to fire two popular teachers.  The students are very much against 3) __________________________ teachers because of their political views.  They strongly believe in 4) ________________ the free expression of all opinions.  They feel that teachers, as well as students, should be able to say what they want without 5) __________ afraid of the administration's reaction.
     If the student council succeeds in 6) _______________________,
 the strike will begin on Tuesday.  Not all students, however, support the idea of a strike.  Many are afraid of 7) ___________________ classes just a few weeks before exam time.  They haven't given up 8) _____________________ to solve the problem with the administration.  Other students haven't made up their minds yet.  Which side are you on?  Before 9) _______________ a final decision, we suggest that you attend the students' meeting on Monday at 4:00.  After 10) _______________________________ both sides, it may be easier to make a decision.

Exercise 4
  How do you feel about school?  Complete the following sentences by adding a preposition and a gerund.

  1. I'm looking forward _______________________________________________________.
  2. I'm a little worried ________________________________________________________.
  3. I've gotten used __________________________________________________________.
  4. I sometimes get tired ______________________________________________________.