Exercise 2

I.  Introduction
    Thesis Statement:  Two of the most popular superstitions are concerned with the evil eye and throwing   

II.  Body

     A.  Topic Sentence:  People believe that they must protect themselves from the evil eye of another person 
           by putting turquoise bead in various places.

            1.  A blue bead is pinned on newly born babies.
            2.  A blue bead with a horseshoe is placed near the doorway.
            3.  A blue bead protects valuable items such as a car or sewing machine

    B.  Topic Sentence:  Another popular superstition is throwing water, which is done at various times.

            1.  When someone leaves on a trip, people throw water out the window.
            2.  Water is thrown out when a funeral procession goes by the street.
            3.  The Armenians throw water on each other on a special Saint's day.

III.  Conclusion

        Superstitions have become rituals with the purpose of protecting and bringing good luck.